The 7 kinds of hormones and their functions in the human body

May be you have read some articles about the different hormones about the body or have learned it in school but you have forgotten all about it. Now let us understand again about it so that you could be refresh and let us understand what we should do to help our body function well. It […]

Symptoms of Pituitary Disorder

There is a pituitary disorder because there is a hormonal imbalance. As you know the pituitary gland secretes different hormones that helps in the functioning of the body. This is why there are many people who would have to complain of the the abnormality of the body. Hormonal imbalance is seen all over the body. […]

What can Destroy your Brain?

Here are the 5 simple conducts that destroys the brain. People say crazy people are those whose brains are not normally functioning. There are very simple ways on how the brain will be destroyed. Of course, those who want to destroy their brain, their brain is already not functioning well. For example: People know that […]

The 9 suggested ways to boost your progesterone

In our body, there are already provided things that work for something. Our body is always at work and cells and everything is doing something so that our body will keep functioning. If the body will not function then it can result in death. That is why the blood is always pumped so that life […]